3 Nov 2007

Team 1 - Profile

....Rider 1

Name: Mick Cutler
Year started racing: 1994
Achievements: 5 times RAF MTB champion, 1st overall in 3 consecutive day mtb races, 2 separate Isle of Man hill climb courses, wins and set course records, and still current record holder
Rides: Orange E6 hardtail and Scott Genius RC20 full suspension
Views on what makes a good rider?: Dedication and discipline. Admire people who give 100% effort to their riding and still know how to enjoy themselves
Favourite course: Bordon Champs course
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite tune: Beautiful Day by U2
Biggest supporter: Juanita & Coady (wife & son)

....Rider 2

Name: Chris Prior
Year started racing: 2005
Achievements: 7th team place at SiTS, many top ten finishes in recycling.co.uk league
Rides: Specialized Epic, Specialized Allez (being built)
Views on what makes a good rider?: Drive / determination and good lungs
Favourite course: Road: Bole Hill MTB: MBR trail (Coed y Brenin)
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite tune: No fave tune, but quite into Snow Patrol at the moment
Biggest supporter: My Mum (obviously)