3 Nov 2007

Day 3

- 11:43 15 Aug 06 -
The Official TransWales ’06 website has now been updated and features a write-up from the first two days activities. A rather blurred picture of the RAFCC boys in action can be viewed here. - 13:45 15 Aug 06 -
The support team have just arrived at Coed-y-Brenin and are hastily setting up camp as the heavens are just about to open. Team Manager Jacko, ensured that the riders got a decent nights sleep last night and this morning they were again eager to get going. No mechanical issues or troublesome injuries to report at this time.

- 16:24 15 Aug 06 -
The latest weather forecast has been passed to Jacko ahead of tonight's night ride which is the second special stage of the event. Rider's are to expect the conditions to be cool and wet.

- 18:50 15 Aug 06 -
Good evening everyone from Mick Cutler. I am really enjoying this event, everyone is so friendly and the biking has been great. Shame about the weather, it’s now raining heavily but the support team have been doing an excellent job and our tents are all up for us. They have done a great job so far.

Not long till we start the night ride, we are supposed to be doing the MBR route but rumour has it that we’re doing the Red Bull but we’ll see. I am really loving it, the rides are just like our normal buddy rides.

Chris Prior is now our pathfinder, he was pretty close to stacking today head on with a car down this one road. He was ahead and the roadie in him went over the white lines attacking a bend and then the lights of a car were upon him. He locked up, snaking and swerving and he managed to stop himself by grabbing onto a dry stone wall. We send him 50 metres ahead now just for the breaking distance (laughs). He’s sat here waiting for his heart rate to calm down !

The course today was quite extreme, pretty rocky but the whole organisation is good and the course is very well signposted and the Support is just awesome now that Andy H has joined us.

- 18:55 15 Aug 06 -
Jacko the Team Manager echoes Mick’s words about the added support by Andy H. before it was taking quite a while to put up all the tents in time, but now Andy is here, we have it all done in 20 minutes and he’s been snap happy too!

The boys had another cracking ride, unfortunately it’s raining and has been since we put up the tents, but as per Ged’s weather forecasting it should ease up later. There is word that some of the timing is not right and Team 1 could be in fifth place but we can’t confirm that just yet. The night ride tonight is gonna be bit harsh on some people, it’s that dodgy flint / shale stuff that can be a nightmare to tyres. There’s gonna be some broken people out there tonight. In fact there’s some people already broken just after the normal stuff, they can’t handle the distances, reckon many will not be doing the timed stages and will just try to finish, albeit in tatters. Our boys are looking good, again no dramas with anything. Should have the positions sorted in the morning.

- 23:10 15 Aug 06 -
News just in from the night ride. Mick Cutler, Dan Lewis and Chris Prior returned in one piece. Unfortunately, Paul Cooke suffered a puncture. No other details available as to the length of this delay.