18 Aug 2008

Freedom of Information

A request has come in from the Army Cycling Union, asking for us to detail on how their boys are doing.

We are happy to oblige and 'should' have some detail of their riders tomorrow.

Rise Above The Rest


Day 2, 1st Water stop (Rhydcymeraeu)

It’s raining pretty incessantly now!

First part of the day was taken over by lots of riding in the twisty backs lane towards Caio.

First to arrive was Gav with the news that Dan had trashed his rear mech some few kilometre’s back! Rehydration provided a brief respite for the riders who then rode off for 30km in the Brechfa Forest. This proved extremely arduous with the rain still beating down on them.

Everyone arrived at the overnight halt which also served as today’s lunch stop. The main problem here was the camping field being closed off due to it being extremely wet and muddy; all riders arrived and were in high spirits despite atrocious weather.

A quick refuel with lunch and thankfully a delayed start saw riders proceed to the days special stage. Dan having rebuilt his rear system was again rising for the challenge. As a measure of the conditions the organisers reduced the length of the route to just over 9km.

First RAF rider home was Dan who flew around the course with Gav and Sam a few minutes behind. Rob brought up the rear. All the riders thoroughly enjoyed the stage and their mojo’s had seemed to have returned. As yet the finishing times have not been displayed.

The highlight of today saw a brief visit by an air ambulance to take away a concussed rider during the afternoon stage.

We expect to post again this evening and aim to have some more images for you to peruse.


Image courtesy of Singletrack World

Day 2 - Update

Hi Gareth here,

Just a quick middle of the day update. "The weather here is bloody attrocious at the moment!"

Dan has trashed the back end of his bike just a couple of miles from the start, it is now fixed but he now only has 3 gears.

Sam has blown up.

Rob in hanging in there and Gav is going well.

As I said, the weather is absolutley attrocious and we can't get in the campsite we are supposed to be staying at tonight as the entrance is totally blocked!!!

That's all for now.

Day 2

Current overall solo positions at start of Day 2

Dan 8th 21 mins 55 sec
Sam 42nd 26 mins 39 sec
Rob 65th 29 mins 29 sec
Gav 39th 26 mins 34 sec

No photos were taken last night after the organisers requested all photographers refrain from using flash photography – both Andy and Gareth complied with this request , however many of the field complained from careless other photographers.

Todays stage takes riders from Cilycwm m to Brechfa Forest. 64km with a total of 1900km climbing. Later this afternoon they will start their 3rd timed stage in 2 days using the purpose made trails within the Brechfa complex.

Hopefully the weather will be kinder but heavy clouds already blowing over now.

17 August Night Stage Cwmrheadr Forest

After a hearty meal, the riders were greeted to a damp start for the night stage at Cwmrheader.

A prologue starting ramp awaited riders, this gave them a brief assisted start, prior to the double track forest ascent, of approx 5km, followed by singletrack loose broken slick slate descent. 1st RAF rider away was Dan in 20th position and he powered his way to the top of the climb catching several of the 10 second riders ahead of him. 11 places further behind him was Sam, a great initial seeding run ensured he started well up the order, a further 10 places behind was Rob followed shortly by Gav.

At just over the half way point of the stage, Dan appeared within a group of riders obviously desperate to pass these riders before the next piece of singletrack. Unfortunately for Dan the rider in front of him did not let him pass, eager to pass, Dan took a few risks and pushed past on the outside of the singletrack shortly after this manoeuvre, Dan exited over his handlebars! Determined not to let the rider repass, Dan remounted his bike and just kept ahead of said rider.

Sam had a relatively clear run and after being caught by a few riders on the climb he retook these riders and others on the descent. With a low cloud at the top of the stage Rob was having difficulty with his glasses fogging and decided to ease off on the downhill and maintained his place. Gav powered past 2 riders on the climb and fought past another 2 on the way down but was unfortunately bolt for the lower half of the run otherwise spoiling another good run.