23 Aug 2008

Day 7

Day 7 was not just any old linking stage back to Builth Wells, it was 86km of hard going intense riding, 2600m of climbing and 14 river crossings (yes, 14 !!), luckily each river crssing was no more than a foot or two deep unlike the four feet deepcrossing from the previous day. The weather held off and a blue sky accompanied the riders the entire day.

Irish again, somehow managed to put in a few exra kilometers possibly due to a sign being moved. Rob suffered a puncture early on in the day which pushed him to the back end of the field. Sam had another good start to the stage and held a firm grip on a position within the top 20 and eventually rode into Builth with Dan. The 4 ACU team riders also crossed the line together but not after trying to catch up with Sam and Dan.

Every other military rider crossed the line before the 4pm cut-off point, all looking extremely weary but happy to have completed the week.

Did you know, that this week Wales has had the most amount of rainfall in over 100 years? Well it's true and all those involved in the Trans Wales event witnessed it !!

It's all over now and Builth Wells is full of broken bikes and riders, the event for this year has got to be the hardest in it's history and not just because of the weather. A party exists in a farmers field, with loud music, lots of free beer, Red Bull and many a tired body.

The ACU team of Coops and Rick resulted in a 3rd place spot on the podium - a commendable effort from them. Unfortunately the RAFCC could not have it's usual team in that category this, if they had they too would have been on the podium.

Final positions and timings will be posted as soon as they become available.

Sam & Dan finish together

Coops & Rick finish together

Brendon & Karl finish together

Exhausted Paul (RNRM) finishes

Gav finishes wearing a MTB Wales jersey

An elated Rob crosses the line

Oooer Willie, gets interviewed on the finish line

Friday Special Stage

Results from Friday's Special timed stage at Nant yr Arian trail center.


7th Dan 40.42
27th Irish 46.33 (ACU)
36th Sam 49.13
44th Gav 52.13
65th Rob 58.26

3rd Coops / Rick 43.48 (ACU)
7th Kay / Povey 47.00 (ACU)
17th Smith / Milne 53.16 (RNRM)

Dan putting in another powerful performance

Most riders take time out and make good use of the coffee and cake facilities at trail head

Sam attempts to determine the afternoon's route on his now sodden map