8 Oct 2011

Lee Simpson meets Chris Boardman and Russ Downing at Stoke

Wow, not only did I have the chance to work on this years Tour of Britain thanks to the RAF and Sweetspot, but I also got to meet a life long cycling hero, not to mention Sky pro rider Russell Downing to name but a few.

RAFCC Dan Lewis Reviews Schlamm Jacket

The Schlamm jacket has served me well for the 2010/2011 Cyclo-cross season. Its fantastic thermal properties has been a great benefit when I have been pre-riding & warming up in the National Cyclo-cross series & the National Champs!
I partically like the high collar & the zips on cuffs. This ensures my neck & wrists are kept warm. On some cases I even got too warm in the jacket, as its wind protective properties also help to keep that chill out. The Large 3 pockets on the rear came really useful to carry water bottles, as if any keen cyclo-cross rider knows. There are no water bottle cages on a cross bike. So when warming up it is essential to carry fluids & energy drinks. The Jacket was ideal for that! The Two zipped pockets were also useful especially to keep my car keys in, whilst racing. The zipps are also good as if I had gloves on I could easily get hold of them.
The only down side of the jacket was its colour. Mainly white & red wasn’t ideal at muddy races, as it got pretty grubby. Even when washed, it didn’t really come out as white again. But it was great to be seen in! The only benefit of this colour would be commuting in, during the depths of winter. 
All in all this is a great winter jacket which keeps you warm. So if it keeps my Girlfriend warm whilst wathcing me race, it definitely gets a double thumbs up !