18 Aug 2008

Day 2, 1st Water stop (Rhydcymeraeu)

It’s raining pretty incessantly now!

First part of the day was taken over by lots of riding in the twisty backs lane towards Caio.

First to arrive was Gav with the news that Dan had trashed his rear mech some few kilometre’s back! Rehydration provided a brief respite for the riders who then rode off for 30km in the Brechfa Forest. This proved extremely arduous with the rain still beating down on them.

Everyone arrived at the overnight halt which also served as today’s lunch stop. The main problem here was the camping field being closed off due to it being extremely wet and muddy; all riders arrived and were in high spirits despite atrocious weather.

A quick refuel with lunch and thankfully a delayed start saw riders proceed to the days special stage. Dan having rebuilt his rear system was again rising for the challenge. As a measure of the conditions the organisers reduced the length of the route to just over 9km.

First RAF rider home was Dan who flew around the course with Gav and Sam a few minutes behind. Rob brought up the rear. All the riders thoroughly enjoyed the stage and their mojo’s had seemed to have returned. As yet the finishing times have not been displayed.

The highlight of today saw a brief visit by an air ambulance to take away a concussed rider during the afternoon stage.

We expect to post again this evening and aim to have some more images for you to peruse.