3 Nov 2007

Day 6

10:00 18 Aug 06 -
The weather this morning is atrocious, more heavy rain and it has been thundering too. It's one of the guy's birthday today (someone from a civvy team), and as a treat we are busy getting the cakes in and some candles. When the photos start filtering through from today, don't be spooked by seeing 5 riders in RAF tops, we are giving this guy a treat and he is loving it. A bit of fun to spook the Commissaire's as well with 5 RAF riders and not 4 (ha ha). - 18:25 18 Aug 06 -
The boys are well into their evening special stage, I didn't get to see them off as I have been fixing bikes. We've had loadsa punctures today - (poor comms, lost contact).

- 18:37 18 Aug 06 -
It's been an up and down sort of day today. It started off very wet - (poor comms, lost contact).

- 18:51 18 Aug 06 -
Very long and testing day. 15/10 was one comment. The boys are back from their special timed stage and are fully spanked! They are looking forward to the last stage and the finish. Beer is a great motivator.