3 Nov 2007

Day 5

07:54 17 Aug 06 -
Latest weather forecast has been sent to us from Ged. SEVERE WEATHER WARNING continues for Machynlleth and Llanafan areas. Should make things interesting. Will have to make sure tents are placed on high ground. - 20:15 17 Aug 06 -
This evenings BLOG entry starts off with a chat from Mick Cutler.

We are all very well here. Not sure if Jacko had mentioned this earlier but we are all riding around the linking stages as a foursome. This has been highly noticeable and many have commented on how good this looks, it’s professional and is the way forward as we can all rely on each other’s strengths to get us through this. We only had two mechanicals today on the linking stage, nothing major just a puncture which got quickly fixed. Today was another yucky, wet and muddy day and of course it was pretty tough! The support team have been superb all the way through this, in fact they have become the main centre point for massages, advice, and technical help – “need it doin’? the RAF’ll sort it” is the sort of thing we are hearing and it’s great to be popular and the guys are going down a storm here. A real credit to all.

(Jacko). This morning’s race went really well, all finished in good time. Should I mention that just before this, Mick was doing some maintenance? No really (ha ha). We’ve had no signal on our phones for most of the day, so we have not been able to update many people, let alone the BLOG. It rained for the first half of the day but it soon dried up and at the moment we have a nice blue sky this evening. This place we are at is sooo beautiful, Llanafan is the name and it is just so picturesque – unbelievable.

I don’t know if someone has said anything to a certain flying squadron, but today we have been buzzed by so many Hawk aircraft from all directions, it’s like some sort of media-ops frenzy and everyone has loved it. So not sure if anyone knows that we are here?

The boys pushed it again this morning in the timed stage and at present we are waiting for the results. They all performed really well and were on time. We’ll let you know tomorrow what they are due to the poor comms coverage here. We had one mechanical to mention today, the Commissaire's were going to send out a Chinook for Chris Prior whose chain broke on a climb, a 45 degree climb.

All in all, another good day. We fixed around 15 bikes today. Mick has had some trouble shifting through his gears and was restricted to using only 3 or 4 gears on the rear. However, after changing the cables (inners and outers that were all new) the inexplicable fault cleared and his now shifting fine. Bloomin’ XTR nonsense!

I am really ashamed of myself as I have not got any web access, I am always on the forum seeing what is happening and being at the sharp end, I still feel as if I am missing out. Kiffy gave me some updates on how good this BLOG is and how well it is being received.

I mustn’t forget the food. The food here is absolutely phenomenal. It’s some civvies catering company, don’t know who they are, but the food is wonderful, stacks of it and full of much needed calories!

- 21:05 17 Aug 06 -
Overall results are in after today’s race.

Mick Cutler & Chris Prior remain in 7 th place, over 1 minute ahead of the team in 8 th.
Army Cycling Team are up to 13 th place.
Dan Lewis and Paul Cooke are only 42 seconds behind the Army in 14 th place.

You want intense – you got it. Tomorrow is going to be a stormer !!!