3 Nov 2007

Day 3

- 07:00 29 May 07 -
Trev Batey has reported in.
Good morning, just a tiny blurb from me this early Tuesday morning to let you know that the RAFCC solo rider Gavin Brown lies in 34th place from last night's special stage with an overall time of 46:08:163.

- 20:00 29 May 07 -
Trev Batey has reported in.
Jacko is too busy at the moment fixing bikes and has now been employed full time by the Merida mechanic, so he is really happy like a pig in brown smelly stuff looking after other people!

Nothing much to report on after last night's special stage. Today's 100km stage was thought to be tricky but in the end was not arduous at all. The guys went for out for 60km to the lunch stop and really enjoyed the beginning.

Cookie managed to pick up a puncture but we've been fortunate on that one. Really great technical riding this morning and as the support crew, we met them for lunch. All going well.

After lunch it was an easy 40km spin on what was mostly tarmac, so the boys enjoyed that spinning and stretching the legs off on the return leg - all very chilled out.

The boys even stopped off for a coffee at the trail center and kindly sent us (support crew) a text to say they had stopped. We were wondering where they had got to as they were taking longer than expected to finish the stage. This was a welcome break for them which just added to the day making it all the more enjoyable.

The weather has been gloriously sunny today and hopefully it will hold out for tomorrow and beyond.

It's an 0905 start tomorrow with a team special stage with both riders going out together to complete a 15km dual effort as fast as you can. The average time from the pair will be added to the timings gained from the previous special stages.

I'll be up early and will be doing a pre-ride at around 0700, so that I can recce the trail and get some info to the boys, just to stay that one step ahead of all the other teams.

Everyone is fine and well and the bikes are holding out. Again, we are all looking forward to tomorrow.

After the special stage, it's an 1130 mass start for a 6km ride onto the next location. Tomorrow night I hope to bring you the latest positions and timings at the half way point of this TransScotland '07.