3 Nov 2007

Day 6

- 18:00 1 June 07 -
Trev Batey has reported in.
Just a quick update for tonight. It's been glorious weather all day - thanks for the Met forecast (Ged). The guys have been basking in total sunshine with little warm wind and temperatures being around 17-18 degrees.

The team got to the first food station on todays linking stage which was 37km in 3 hours, where they had a long lunch relaxing and enjoying sitting next to the Loch.

They got themselves into Peebles / Glentress area before the cutoff time of 1500 hours. Quite a few teams and individual riders got caught out on this, not realising their tiredness and the complexity / severity of today's ride - all suffered time penalties.

This did not affect the RAF team although the RAFCC solo rider Gavin Brown, missed the cutoff by 20 minutes and will suffer 2 minutes added to his overall time. This is not a major worry for him and shouldn't affect his standing.

2206 is the night ride for us. We are all prepped ready to go. The boys are fed and are now got their heads down taking an afternoon siesta.

At around 1900 hours, I will be pre-riding the final special stage to pass on info about it. It should be around 8-10km long. Their is nothing more to be said apart from that the weather is good for tonight which will make this an awesome night stage, very fast indeed. It all hinges on this tonight, the boy's will be going hell for leather, nothing to loose - all to gain, a podium place is still possible. Given that it's a night ride, 1 mistake can be very costly - a place or two? Hopefully there will be no mechanicalsand the guys will really go for it.

We'll have the full results tomorrow for you around 1600 hours after the presentations. Tomorrow's stage is around 100km and will still be harsh on the legs. The weather should still be good for it.

Hopefully, we'll be moving up the standings tonight.

- 23:00 1 June 07 -
Trev Batey has reported in.
This is TOTALLY PROVISIONAL and has yet to be OFFICIALLY VARIFIED until tomorrow, but the team that were in 5th position ahead of us, 1 rider has come in the other took a wrong turning and got lost - so they are out of the running.

Our times for tonight were: Dan 29:16:127 and Cookie 31:48:579

The team in 4th position (overall) had times of 30:50:841 and 32:57:541 and under my reckoning this makes 1 minute 4 and 1 minute 9 per rider slower than our riders.

So in my opinion we should have 4th place overall - although this has yet to be confirmed. Fingers crossed

The boys rode out of their skins [expletive] awesome, they have done us proud.

We'll know the Official timings for sure tomorrow.......