3 Nov 2007

Day 2

09:30 14 Aug 06 -
First special stage at the Trail Centre at Nant-y-Arian is now under way. Second linking stage from the Trail Centre at Nant-y-Arian to Machynlleth commences at 13:00. - 09:40 14 Aug 06 -
The turn out for this inaugural event is very good and all riders are enjoying the experiences already. Each rider has been given a rather large green holdall to safely have their accommodation (tent) and posessions transported from one location to another. However, it is the RAF Cycling Club's teams that are the only one's with any support team following them stage by stage. Every other rider has to endure the ride and then breakout a campsite before being able to relax and also pack up their camps before a ride, not so for the RAF boy's. Later today, Andy Holmes (RAFCC photographer) will be joining the support team after also enduring the weekend's harsh conditions and riding like the wind in the 24 hour enduro, the Kona Global Sleepless In The Saddle. How is that for committment?

- 13:27 14 Aug 06 -
Todays second stage has been delayed by around 30 minutes which is helping to give every rider an extra breather and last minute faff, checking bikes, tyre pressures, equipment etc etc. The RAFCC Team Manager is more than happy with the guy's performances this morning as they really turned on the gas and pushed themselves to the limit. This afternoon is a 33km linking stage to Machynlleth, which again is expected to be yet another enjoyable ride with the final 10km being downhill to the end of stage flag.

- 21:20 14 Aug 06 -
An outstanding effort today leaves RAFCC Team 1 (Dan Lewis & Paul Cooke) in 6th place overall with RAFCC Team 2 (Mick Cutler & Chris Prior) in 11th place overall. Jacko, the Team Manager has been left impressed at such a performance by the boys today. Speaking from the Machynlleth Leisure Centre, Jacko said spirits were high in the RAFCC camp, so much that it was overspilling to the Commissaire's who have been flying Hawk model aircraft around the riders as they relaxed after another good days riding. Mick Cutler sustained a gash to his leg on a rocky decent but the wound is now patched up and is more like a scratch and shall not affect his performance. However, it has affected him in a different kind of way - he cleaned his bike - SHOCK HORROR !