3 Nov 2007

Day 7

- 14:00 2 June 07 -
Jacko has reported in.
Cookie and Dan have been put in an immense performance all this week. Dan has been Dan, fast and furious as ever. Cookie, poor Cookie. His back has been in bits all this week and has not recovered at all from his escapades prior to coming on TransScotland.

Both riders have been fantastic. Gav Brown has also been brilliant and did some great riding. Overall the atmosphere has been great all week.

- 19:40 2 June 07 -
Trev Batey has reported in.
I can officially confirm that the Royal Air Force Cycling Team taking part in TransScotland '07 came in 4th place overall. Last night af the special stage they completed that in 4th place which took them into 4th place overall from 6th place. This was due to a number of factors. The fifth placed team (Cool Runnings) got lost on the night stage so that was one place gained as they were only 9 seconds ahead of us.

We managed to leap frog the fourth placed team who were 44 seconds ahead of us. The massive massive drive through from the boys made sure that this team were now 38 seconds behind us. The third place team were still over 2 minutes ahead of us, but this was no missed opportunity for us. We are going to have beer tonight and then home tomorrow.

We'll have photo's for you next week sometime. The weather again has been kind to us today and the lads even stopped for a beer at lunchtime. After 65km they eventually made it over the finish line and were showered with beer and champagne by Jacko and myself.

See you all on the Forum!!

Still to be confirmed is Gavin Brown's position, we have him down as being 31st overall.