3 Nov 2007

Day 7

18:53 19 Aug 06 -
(From GED) Expect a BIG update, results and many photos very soon! - 19:56 19 Aug 06 -
(From Ged). I arrived at the Event Centre in Builth Wells at around midday. The weather was horrendous, just a sample of what it had been like all week. A quick meet up with Andy Holmes, “H” (Team masseur) and RAFCC TransWales ’06 Team Manager Jacko and after the pleasantries were exchanged a very wet and heavy 12x12 tent had to be put up (hint – a storm proof www.ezup.co.uk with sides would have helped). As soon as that had been done the first riders of the day crossed the line (Team Mojo Suspension). The 12x12 was made into a rider’s masseur’s parlour ahead of the boy’s arrival.

The arrival of the team across the line was met by an almighty cheer from the small crowd that had gathered. The boys crossed the line side by side, clearly showing their colours after just after 4 hours of riding. Looking wet and dirty you could see the relief in their faces accompanied with overly big grins.

Paul Cooke sighed a relief as he stated that the descents in general throughout the week were the most memorable, as for the ascents – no comment. Today he suffered only one puncture and no other injuries.

Mick Cutler on the other hand couldn’t recall a single bit of the week that stuck in his mind as it was all excellent riding. Today, he had a new rear tyre on (Kenda) and was not happy with the performance it was giving back to him. The rolling resistance was very poor and quite sketchy in the wet.

Chris Prior was glad the last stretch was on the road, he had missed it immensely. He was still feeling quite fresh despite his heart rate not being as high as previous rides. Chris is supposed to be road racing tomorrow (Sunday) but “I think I’ll give it a miss” he said with a cheesy grin on his face clutching a well deserved beer.

Dan Lewis was met on the line by his devoted parents. He too, was glad to finish but also felt quite fresh. He said that last night was probably his best stage as he knew he had to close the gap on the Army Team, he had passed two fellow riders on the timed stage and himself was not passed.

Jacko was very proud of the Teams, they had excelled themselves and represented the Service well. Every night, the RAF campsite was buzzing and had many visitors needing advice, tech help for their bikes and to exchange stories and the odd bottle of beer. He also couldn’t get over the £25 an hour charge being made for tech help by an established bike shop and some souls needed help every day, “luckily the Royal Air Force Cycling Club was on hand”!

- 20:26 19 Aug 06 -
Hot Off The Press

TransWales '06 Overall Result: WE BEAT THE ARMY CYCLING TEAM !!

7 th and 13 th places