3 Nov 2007

Day 1

Riding commences (27 May 07) at Selkirk Rugby Club with a 70km ride to Moffat.

- 16:30 27 May 07 -
Jacko has reported in.
"It's been quite an interesting day. It rained on and off for most of the morning with the heaviest being just when the lads were starting out. The trails were very sludgy indeed but the bikes came back in not too bad a condition and even Cookies's new bike held up fortunately. Cookie came off his bike and hurt his hand. He is now pumped up on Brufin and should be OK.

The team came back in just under 5 hours completing the 76km course, their arrival was very early compared to other teams despite the 2100m of climbing. It's been a good day, the trails were fairly good and held up well.

Overall, there are no major issues and everyone is very hungry looking forward to a pasta meal being laid on. Tomorrow's stage is only a short linking stage to Drumlanrig Castle where a special race stage will be held. Their is a lot of apprehension towards to the 100km stage, in fact their was apprehension by a lot of people before we started today. We are looking forward for some nicer weather as well.

We've got the big pop-up tent up and it look's fantastic. People know we are here, definitely!