15 Oct 2011

What is the best way to develop talent?

Well this is how - take some talented cyclists and put them on steep development curves. this is what happened to one such individual, RAF Bensons Gary Sparkes was recently introduced to RAF Cyclings Head Coach the hard way! During a recent coaching session at RAF High Wycombe Gary and several other talented cyclist were put through their paces during Maximal Aerobic Power or MAP testing. This involves gradually incresing resistance on a turbo trainer until the body cannot continue - the data is then used to populate specific training plans and act as a benchmark for future progression. Sparkes said "this was brilliant initiative and was pleased to have been invited" RAFCC hope to develop riders like Sparkes over a three year period in order to dominate both the Army and Royal Marine/Royal Navy in future Inter Service events. Featured in the video are RAFCC Head Coach Dave Green, triathlon coach Marc Preece and Steven Brealey one of the top performing surprises from Air Command.