15 Aug 2008

Why Am I Doing This?

I have been looking forward to this, the highlight of my cycling year for around 10 months now and whilst most of my feelings have been positive, I am now suffering with feelings of trepidation. So to put myself at ease and to give something to reflect upon at the end of it all, I though I would ask myself some questions.

1, What have I set myself up for?

2, Can I actually complete it?

3, Why am I doing it?

Question 1. This, I believe will be the hardest thing I have ever done. You see, it is not just about the event but the hours of training that I have put in, the money I have spent on kit and setting myself for a public fall by posting here!

Question 2. Several very special people have invested a lot of their own time in getting me ready for this… you guys know who you are. With this in mind, I cannot fail. I am not looking to win any prizes, but I did set out to complete all the linking and special stages to the best of my ability. So, I have trained (but probably could have done more). I have all the gear and I have support that the pros would be glad of. So yes, I am going to complete it.

Question 3. Because it is hard and I think it will make me a better person. I will be fitter, more mentally strong and it will change my perception of life’s little challenges. I suppose also, it puts me in the position where I can say ‘I have completed one of the toughest challenges in UK mountain biking’.

So, sat here typing this I do not entirely know what to expect but that just adds to the spice. This time on Sunday night, I will racing around a Welsh forest with my lights cutting a white line into the singletrack accompanied by the heavy breathing, pounding heart and sweat pouring off my face. That will be the ‘this is why I am doing it’ start to the week I need.