20 Aug 2008


Hi everyone,

I have now joined the guys on TransWales '08. I got to Tregaron just in time to see the riders off and the sight of a friendly face seemed to buck them up further.

Gareth and I made for the 1st water stop of the day, but thanks to someone marking the wrong spot on the map, we waited at the wrong spot only to find the riders hurtling past on the other side of some hedge rows.

We dashed to the correct location in time to meets the guys and all were doing OK, despite being wet and muddy (yet again).

Another dash on to the lunch location saw us meet all the riders in - all RAF riders doing OK. Each bike got it's drive chain cleaned and lubed whilst the guys got fed and watered. Sam's achilles seems to be holding out at this point.

Once all the military riders had carried on, we headed on to Mach to join Jacko. After a bit of a faff, the organisers directed us into a different field and we are now setting up for the night.

Just as the camp had been set up, Dan Lewis came in with a loud whoop. He certainly enjoyed this stage.

Gav Brown hit the ground earlier with a skittish off but was OK (just a bit of road rash). He too enjoyed this stage.

That's all for now.....


Quote of the day from Gareth:

"Sam is going to have Willie's massage"