19 Aug 2008

Day 2 lunch/afternoon update

As mentioned earlier Dan was first in for lunch from the RAF (2nd overall) on the road with the remainder of the RAF riders riding together.

This section was 20km of really hard riding to a gorgeous reservoir Llyn Brianne before descending to the Towy Forest for the 2nd water stop of the day.

The organisers then gave the riders an option of taking a direct route to Tregaron - the overnight stop for today, or to continue with the full route. All RAF riders opted for the full route and continued onwards.

First home for the RAF again was Dan (now 7th place on the road), followed by Gav, Rob and Sam (in that order).

The only major issue that we have is that the sheath to the achilles tendon is badly swollen and this is affecting Sam Bennett.

Jacko has now setup his field workshop and is now servicing bikes. The cmapsite here at Tregarron is very flat and accessible and the weather has been holding out, but looks like the rain will come again.

Dan is now treating a small gash / wound to his leg. The last 15km of this stage has been taking riders anything from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours.

Tonight we have a presentation of the competitors jersey's and Jacko has some wine in to help the boys relax a little.

Andy has since departed after taking more images which are expected to appear on here later this evening. One of the images to note for the ACU is a group shot of the Army contingent.